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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Here’s a Haiku for yesterday’s “adventure in fitnessland.”

Four pound hula hoop
It’s much harder than it looks
Need ibuprofen

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had to move my day off around to get son #1 to the doctor (see entry on broken ankle) or to do some training at work. I’ve been using this as an opportunity to try some of the funkier classes at the gym. Last week it was urban rebounding, which involves jumping on a mini-trampoline for a half hour. Yesterday it was a hula hoop class. When I was a kid, I could kick anybody’s a$$ when it came to hula hoping, so I thought this was gonna be easy and fun. Well, it is NOT easy to keep a four pound hula hoop going for 15 minutes, even standing in one place. Try moving around or doing lunges while hula hooping and it gets even more difficult. Last night my waistline was really sore, but not a DOMS kind of sore. I was beaten up by the hula hoop, like getting punched in the arm, except it was consecutive punches around my waistline! OK, it wasn’t THAT bad, but it was bad enough that I certainly didn’t want my DH to embrace me! This morning it was much better, but I won’t be doing any hula hooping for a few days. It was definitely a fun workout and I am told that your waistline gets used to it. So I might try it again. Maybe I’ll take the ibuprofen BEFORE the class.


Anonymous said...

Beaten up by a hula hoop!
Great post and I liked reading your blog!
One of the super things about folks finding my blog, is my in turn, finding theirs!
Now I know the name of the group I'll be riding in when I get my road bike.

SLEM said...

I too was a hoola hoop champ when I was a kid...that and my homemade skate board kept me going...this was back in the early 60's...long time ago...
In 1996 I had a party and we tried the hoola hoops...I was surprized how hard it was to keep that thing going...haven't tried it since.
I'm always looking for new ways to exercise and this actually sounds like a BIG challenge..