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Monday, March 05, 2007

PT or BS

I started physical therapy for my knee. I have to tell you, I am not convinced that these therapists really know what is wrong with my knee. Sometimes my hamstrings are tight and that’s what’s causing my knee to track improperly, the next time my hamstrings aren’t that tight but my quads are weak, or my IT band is tight. I feel like every person with a “knee problem” gets the same therapy program. Last week I was finally allowed 10 minutes on the bike at level 1. I was told to stop if I had any pain. I wanted to scream at her, “I CAN RIDE THE FUCKING BIKE FOR AN HOUR WITH NO PAIN, THE ONLY TIME I HAVE ANY PAIN IS WHEN I RUN AS I HAVE TOLD YOU EVERY TIME I COME HERE.” But I didn’t, I rode the bike for 10 pain-free minutes. Then I went to Dallas on business and I didn’t do any exercising or bike riding for 3 days. All I did was sit around in meetings and airports. I got home on Friday night and on Saturday morning, my knee was bothering me. FROM DOING NOTHING. I went to the gym anyway, did my 10 minutes on the bike, did all my exercises, and it was still bothering me. So I took Sunday off and it feels better today. I am determined to give this PT program the benefit of the doubt and I will continue to do exactly what is prescribed, but right now my feeling is that it isn’t doing anything for my knee and that when all is said and done, I will be in exactly the same place as when I started.

I have been making friends with the UBE at the gym. I find that it is very difficult to get my heart rate up and sustain the activity for any length of time. It’s one or the other. On Saturday I was on it for 20 minutes. My heart rate monitor wasn’t registering but I doubt I got my heart rate much higher than 100. I burned 60 calories! This is so frustrating. Well, at least my shoulders got a workout.

On the homefront, Son #1 got his first acceptance to college, to SUNY Geneseo. It is not one of his top picks, but at least we know he has one in the bank and he is going to college next year.


miss petite america said...

hope the PT works...i've never had to do anything like that so i can't say whether it is BS or not...but it can't really hurt now can it??

Audrey said...

Dude, the first college acceptance is so key!! SO OOO KEY! Congratulations to both of you!!

And knee stuff is so hard to kick. BOOO!!! I'm trying to remember what worked for me. I had tendinitis for a year-even though for three months of it I was recovering from foot surgery and could barely walk. It just STAYED. I think what worked was doing my knee exercises (the day after I started was the first time I didn't have pain walking around in months) and coming back slowly. Not doing too much at once. And continuing to ice and take anti-inflammatories after I ran for a good few months. (I forget-you're taking those right? They are really helpful even if your knee doesn't hurt while walking b/c they will hopefully kill the inflammation. As I'm sure you know some anti-inflammatories have been linked to heart stuff so you have to weigh the pros and cons for you. I am all about the anti-inflammatories but I am sure I am short-sighted :)

Also, now I am really careful about taking days off and trying not to do too much lower body too many days in a row. Or too much kicking when I swim. Sigh. I wish I was biomechanically perfect. So you're not alone. And you WILL get better!!!