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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Slow and Proud

My swimming has improved about 6 million percent since joining the Masters Swim Team 2 months ago. When I started, I could barely swim 50 yards without sucking wind. Today I swam 1 mile. I swam real slow and I may have stopped for a few seconds here and there, but I swam a mile. I am very proud of myself.

When I started, it wasn't my intent to swim a mile. I finally felt like I was swimming well enough that it was time for some benchmarks. I timed myself. I was brave enough to document my slowness. First I timed myself swimming 100 yards freestyle, then 100 yards breast stroke, then 100 yards freestyle again. It was slow, but it was beautiful: 2:38. Then I decided to time myself swimming 1/3 mile, which is the distance in the sprint tri. So I slowed down (if you can believe it). It took me just over 18 minutes. I loved every lap. I found my beautiful inner slow rhythm and it was easy. By now I had covered 1000 yards, and I figured why stop now. The beautiful slow strokes just kept pouring out of me, and I was even making turns off the wall (not flip turns, open turns). Something clicked and I was swimming like a fish! I felt my core rotating, my arms piercing the water, my shoulders pushing forward, and my 3 count rhythm driving the whole process. Swimming slowly made the whole experience more vivid. I swam 1 mile today, slowly and with pride.


Tara Scott said...

HI Shelly,

This is Tara. Thank you for your comment on my blog Coach Tara. I am glad that it is inspiring to you. I also have 7 videos on Youtube. Go to Yoytube and type Coachtara (as one word) and you will see them. If you also type in zenkahuna you will see my amazing teacher (I am also in some of the videos). He is 58 years old and in spectacular shaped with Fun being our practice. His website is

I love this story about swimming a mile. You swam it slowly and with pride. That is the way to do it.

I look forward to more contact.

Stillwater said...

Very cool!
Well done girl!!!

Audrey said...

I guess slow IS beautiful!! I personally must be a downright model in the pool and on the bike!! :)

Congratulations on your mile swim!!! PROGRESS BABY!!