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Monday, April 21, 2008

Two Weeks Off Six Weeks Left

For whatever reasons (work, family, friends, holidays), I have not worked out very much in the last two weeks. My two weeks off the program ended with a food fest. It is true that as predicted, Delhi did not have any funky lunch emporiums. But what they do have is a culinary program at the college. The students cooked, prepared, and served us several meals during our meeting, and it was all Dee-lish-us. Especially the cheesecake and the little individual pineapple upside down cake with homemade ice cream. You get the idea. I then drove to my brother and sister-in-laws home on Saturday for a Passover seder featuring some of my favorite foods any time of the year. So after two weeks off the program and six weeks left until My Triathlon, I have to get serious about increasing the effort and getting the work done. I also have to buy a wetsuit! That is on my agenda for this week. Working in Manhattan does have its advantages. There are two stores that sell everything scuba within a reasonable distance from my office.

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Audrey said...

Hi!! You might know this (and I'm sure the scuba store would tell you too) but there are all different kinds of wetsuits. For example, sailing and surfing wetsuits are different than tri wetsuits. I'm not sure what scuba wetsuits are like, but they may not be quite right :)

How exciting! New sports equipment!