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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Holiday Weekend

I so enjoyed the Trek over the holiday weekend.  On Saturday morning, I showed up for a club ride that was aborted.  Only 1 other person showed, and the leader had to work.  I decided to return home and take the opportunity to ride with DH.  We did the usual ride with an add-on loop to bring the mileage up to 21.  He rode my pace, which was just under 12 mph.  When I asked him if I was slowing him down much, his response was “considerably.”  Still, it was nice to be out with him and it was turning into a really nice day.  We finished before it got really sunny and hot, which was good.  We watched son #2 play baseball in the late afternoon; the perfect complement to the morning’s activity.

On Sunday we had tickets for the Yankee game.  It was a fun game, which the Yanks won.  Rivera came in for the save.  As expected Richard was selling beer in our section.  Richard and I went to JHS and HS together.  The man is a CPA who has been selling beer at Yankee Stadium for over 30 years.  Actually, I think he’s a beer man who has been dabbling in accounting for 30 years!  When we got home, I went to the track and ran a couple of miles.  I really wanted to keep going but I held myself back.  I only ran 2 miles because I wanted to see how my knee would take it.  Tried to stretch out, warm up, stick to a padded track.  A few hours later I could feel my knee getting stiff.  The knee saga continues.  

Monday was a warm and sunny day. I tried to find a riding companion but was not successful.  DH offered to ride with me, but I declined so he could ride his usual pace.  I mapped out a ride that looked to be a bit over 20 miles. I decided to take it slow to keep my knee in the game.  Luckily, the knee was not a problem. The route was a big figure 8, so I had the opportunity to quit at 10 miles, but the ice cream store was on the 2nd loop!  I had my ice cream cone at mile 14 and I was ready for the biggest climb of the ride.  When I got to the top, I knew the rest of my ride was going to be relatively easy, and I settled in for the last few miles.  It was 22 miles, and it was a great ride! I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more with a companion, but there’s something to be said for going solo.  I went my own pace, thought my own thoughts, and stroked my own ego (whether or not it deserved stroking).  

In the late afternoon, son#2 came along to the supermarket to make sure I bought everything needed for a BBQ/fajita dinner including the watermelon to make watermelon salsa.  Son #1 was a complete vegetable on Monday after reffing a soccer tournament on Saturday and Sunday.  He worked 2 very long days, and was totally beat.  He apologized for stinking up my car with his smelly feet and socks.  He gave me a lesson in offsides.  Today he promised to teach me about penalty kicks.  I can’t wait!

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