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Friday, June 02, 2006

Sweat and Balance

It’s been hot, and we have no AC.  We’ve been “sweating it out” for the past 3 days.  AC Man came yesterday and it’s an electrical problem (bad breaker).  DH will be home early today and he will wait for the electrician.  The boys have been sleeping in locations other than their bedrooms which has caused some minor disagreements but nothing major.  Neither one has suffered bodily injury.  DH and I have been sleeping in our fairly hot bedroom, with the windows wide open, jealously listening to the compressor for our neighbor’s AC unit going on and off.  I’m sure it will get fixed today because the heat wave is over, but at least we will be ready for the next one.

So, the last few days have been about balance.  On Tuesday I didn’t get to the gym because I had to work late.  I had to take a phone call from Chicago at 5 pm and that took about an hour.  By the time I got off the train, it was almost 8 pm.  On Wednesday I was just plain lazy.  I blew an opportunity.  I took the day off because I had a doctor’s appt at 1 pm.  Did I get up early and go to the gym?  No.  Did I get up at a normal time and go for a bike ride? No.  I did get up at a normal time, and I did get things done around the house that absolutely needed to be done, but I could have gone for a bike ride and then gotten down to chores.  Did I really do laundry instead of going for a bike ride?  How sick is that?  On Thursday, I had my training session with trainer, then I packed veggies for the organic food coop, then I had to be home in the afternoon for aforementioned AC Man.  Of course, all they can do is tell you “he’ll be there between 1:00 and 4:30.”  But the poor overworked AC Man did not ring my doorbell until 6:00.  I was hoping to either take a bike ride after AC Man had fixed the AC or get to the gym for spin class.  What a total disappointment, since AC is still not fixed, could not leave for bike ride, bike ride probably not feasible anyway considering violent thunderstorms, and AC Man came too late, even for spin class.  At least I did some cooking and I have packed a very nice lunch for today.

The bottom line is I need to commit anew.  May and June have been about standing still, not moving forward.  Actually, my body fat has crept up a little bit.  I have been indulging in some bad habits and not practicing good habits very consistently.  I have really been sliding on my strength training.  It’s a good thing I still work with a trainer—I know I am going to get pounded on Thursday mornings! It’s definitely more difficult to get to the gym because I want to spend time outdoors, so strength training and cardio have become separate events.  I expect things will get easier in a few weeks when the boys are off to camp for 7 weeks, and the next two weeks are going to be very busy getting them ready.  So once again, it’s about balance.  But whatever way the scales tip, I can’t make it worse with bad habits and laziness!


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SLEM said...

I have faith in you...YOU CAN DO this...
It's the pits when life gets in the way of our working out...but it's back to it.
Keep going, I promise you it will get easier.