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Monday, January 22, 2007

GSIU Week #3

The weekend featured the typical mix-- gym, cooking, laundry and Sunday football. Now watching football games means having a good dose of treats and junk food available. So, yesterday was not the greatest day, but I did get to the gym in the morning. Other than that, I had a good week.

1) I was in the gym 6 out 7 days. Some of those days, my workouts were limited, but something is better than nothing. And, I did initiate the once weekly Dab the Wussy challenge, with good success!

2) The GBE is still in full swing. I tried a smoothie featuring coffe yogurt and frozen bananas. I wasn't crazy about it, but DH liked it. He took it to work and had it for lunch. I had spilt pea soup. I even had a scrambled egg (hardly experimental, but I avoided cold cereal). So far, I like having soup for breakfast.

3) I did a good job planning my own meals, packing my lunch. I'm still feeding the carnivores, but I try to take care of myself first. So far, they haven't really noticed.

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Laurie said...

Consistency is the key and you seem to be getting in a good pattern. Well done.