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Friday, January 05, 2007

The Hills are Alive...With the Sound of Music

I can’t run right now, because of my right knee, so I have been using the elliptical and arc trainers (on days that I don’t take a spin class). Usually when I get on these machines, I spend 20 minutes at a fairly low intensity, so I sweat a little, burn a few calories, la dee daa. I decided I really need to pick up the pace, get my heart rate up to a respectable level, maybe even do some interval training, if I expect this to stand in for running. So I built myself a playlist and named it “Hills.” It is composed of 3-4 minute songs, 2 moderate to fast paced songs followed by a slow paced one: 3 minutes for taking it easy/recovery, 3 minutes for starting to crank it up, and 3 minutes for a full head of steam, really grinding it out. It worked great. First I played with the arc trainer, trying different inclines and resistance settings until I had 3 different settings I thought would work. Then I strapped on my heart rate monitor, plugged in my beloved light pink iPod Mini and did some “Hills.” With a few minor adjustments, I found my zones. The three song sets took my heart rate from 60-70% to 70-80% and 80-90%. About 45 minutes of that and I was soaked in sweat and feeling very pleased with myself. It’s not the same feeling as running, especially running outdoors, but this type of cardio workout will definitely get me through the winter months (if we ever have a winter—its going to be close to 70 degrees tomorrow!). And calling the orthopedist is on the top of my “To Do list.”

So here is the playlist I built. If you are interested in any (or all) of this music, just let me know. Unless I bought it from iTunes, I will be happy to email you the mp3. Or I can even burn you a CD. I love sharing music.

Do It Right//Jim Stärk//3:17 //2005
When You Were Young //The Killers// 3:40 //2006
Can't Find My Way Home //Steve Winwood //3:16 //1969
New Shoes //Paolo Nutini //3:21 //2006
Pump It Up //Elvis Costello & the Attractions // 3:17 //1978
The Weight //The Band //4:33 //1968
Take Your Mama //Scissor Sisters// 4:34 //2004
Atchafalaya Pipeline //Beausoleil //3:23 //1999
Wishlist //Pearl Jam //3:26 //1998
Baby I Need You're Lovin'// Michael McDonald// 3:19 //2004
Ride My See-Saw// The Moody Blues //3:41//1968
Someday// Nickelback// 3:27 //2003
Everybody Went Low //John Hiatt// 3:20 //2004
Annie Get Your Gun //Squeeze//3:24 //1989
Three More Days //Ray LaMontagne //3:36 //2006
Special //Workshop //2:48 //2004
Hands Open //Snow Patrol //3:15 //2006
Get to Me //Train //4:05 //2003
Please Don't Tell Her //Big Head Todd & the Monsters //4:07 //1997

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