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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Non-Resolutions for 2007

I’m borrowing the concept from GeekGirl. Non-resolutions, things I will NOT do in 2007.

1. I will not become a vegan. I have thought about this, but quite frankly, I don’t have the motivation to pursue that lifestyle. Besides, eggs and cheese are among my favorite foods. Being a vegetarian is all I can handle at this point, especially living among the carnivores.

2. I will not start taking yoga classes. Like being vegan, it would probably be good for me, but I can’t do everything at the gym, and I want to focus on strength, cycling, and core.

3. I will not nag my husband. I never have done this, but I think it’s good to remind myself that nagging is bad. He has to do whatever needs to be done because he knows it needs to be done. I will, however, offer gentle reminders and point him in the right direction when he seems to lose his way.

4. I will not let son #1 go to college without cleaning out his bedroom. I think he can throw out the empty shoeboxes and sell the legos on ebay or something.

5. I will not buy a “snack for the ride home” in Grand Central Terminal, before getting on the train. Bad habit. Bad bad habit.

6. This one I am copying straight from GeekGirl: · I will not run any slower. This should be easy. I think if I did get slower I'd actually be moving backwards.

7. I will not do everything myself and then feel resentful that nobody else is doing their share. I will not expect my children to “just do it” -- this is a parental fantasy. Either I will ask for help around the house or the house is a mess. I can live with either of those options, and they are both better options that feeling all the resentment.

8. I will not buy a Nano unless my mini dies and I can’t get the battery replaced without breaking it (I’m working on getting the battery replaced).

9. I will not buy more workout clothes, unless something really needs to be REPLACED and it will fit in the one draw designated for workout clothes.

10. I will not make up stupid excuses for not working out. If I skip a workout, it is because I’m a slug.

1 comment:

Audrey said...

i love number 7. if i were to reprhase it for me life it would be: do not expect other people to read your mind.

and i LOVE number 10!

good luck with it all!