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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

UBE: The Cardio Frontier

Today I got a copy of the radiology report for the MRI of my right knee and I have been diagnosed with Grade III to IV Chondromalacia Patella involving the medial patellar facet. So I guess it is my knee afterall. Any diagnosis with "malacia" sounds bad. Mal means bad in Spanish, chondro means cartilage and patellar means knee. So this would translate to bad knee cartilage. But the good news is that it is treatable with PT and appropriate attention to strength training and stretching. I have a feeling that a better word is probably "manageable," that this will likely be a chronic problem that will cycle through flare-ups and calm-downs. But I might even have that 10k in my knees, if I'm lucky and I am mindful of not overtraining. I started PT last week, and that seems to be going OK. They have pulled me off of all cardio and lower body strength training for now, and they are starting to add in some very simple exercises and stretches. I tried to hold onto some cardio, I really did. First she said no spinning, so I said ok, no problem I'll use the arc trainer or elliptical. No. Well, then surely I can do some deep water running?? No. Ok, swimming, I can swim, right (You know I was getting desperate if I was begging for swimming)? But once agian the answer was No, because I probably swim so poorly that I use my hamstrings too much instead of my hip flexors and quads. She's got a point there. So tomorrow I am going to meet UBE, the Upper Body Ergometer, kinda a bicycle for your arms. Luckily, my gym has 1.

I must admit that I have used the "No Cardio" order to chill out and do some other things (besides driving 450 miles in big circles on the post-Valentine's Day FUBAR Adventure). I did some cooking, some reading, some extra internet surfing, and I watched American Idol. But I am starting to feel lazy. And not working out makes it easier to eat like crap because I'm just not in the right mindset. I'm looking forward to meeting UBE and doing an upper body workout.


Audrey said...


you should totally relax!! i am sure you deserve it and could use the R&R.

BUT, if you want to swim, i recommend the pull buoy. i started using one when i had knee pain (tendinitis), and frankly, i still do almost all of my swimming with it. it's this floaty thing (most pools have them, i bought one for $9 b/c mine doesn't) that you hold between your legs just above your knees so that you use just your arms to swim. i love it and don't have to worry about hurting anything lower body (i've used it when i've had pulled calves, hurt quads, and the aforementioned knee pain). plus, it helps you improve your form by keeping you in the right position.

anywhoo, enjoy the time off as best you can (yes, i realize it's probably stressful! but one can always hope!) and e-mail me if i can help with pull buoy info.


Stillwater said...

That's an interesting piece of equipment..
Rest is not only good for the body, but good fro the soul.