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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gonna Get It Back

Failure is not an option. I am going to get my "aerobic base" back and then I'm going to keep moving forward. With or without running. Yesterday I ran 1.5 miles and today my knee is tired but its definitely better than it had been. I know I have to live with the reality of 51 year old knees, which means I may not be able to run more than 10 miles a week (actually 10 miles a week would be fabulous) and I will not be able to take shortcuts. I have to do the stretching, the ice, even some ibuprofen on occasion. But I still have my bike, my beautiful shiny new Dolce and hundreds of miles to ride. I am hopeful that all this horrible weather is fading away and spring is going to erupt this weekend! So that's the plan. Get back to working out on a regular basis, run a few miles, and ride, ride, ride!

When I was on the treadmill yesterday, plugged into my new nano, it really felt awesome. It felt much easier than the mile I ran a few days ago. After the first half, I just found myself in that place where runners often find themselves, and it just felt good! Too bad I had to quit at 1.5 miles.

My SIL (the one with 2 broken wrists) is functioning well enough in her "activities of daily living" to be left alone, so my mom is returning to Florida today. I know she is anxious to get home. She was the perfect companion and helper over the past 3 weeks. Kudos to my mom.


Flo said...

Ah yes, having an aging body is no fun at all!!! I have found a savior in the elliptical machine. It mimics the running motion enough to develop strength in my quads and hamstrings without the pounding. I know once the upper leg gets stronger the knees will be happier. Oh yeah, a million squats and lunges too, those really help.

Stillwater said...

We can do it girls! We can and will keep moving forward!
No matter what our aging bodies say ;)
Music makes everything better..

Shelly said...

Flo, I do like the elliptical, but I like the arc trainer even more. Seems easier on my ankles (yeah, more whining about body parts creaking and complaining).

Stillwater, yes we can do it! Oh, how I love my nano