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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesday Miscellany

My family usually celebrates Passover at my brother and sister-in-laws home, but since my SIL broke both wrists, that was not an option. Instead, we gathered at a kosher-style deli/restaurant, which offered a traditional Passover dinner in addition to the typical gigantic menu of all things Jewish (and beyond). My brother, SIL and mom did not join us, but a fine time was had by all and the food was decent. It was a boisterous family gathering that I am glad we pulled off. I am glad we made the effort and didn't just retreat into our own homes.

My SIL, meanwhile, is feeling better physically but overall she is miserable. The swelling in her fingers has subsided so they no longer look like sausages poking out of the casts, and she is able to sleep a bit better but she is totally dependent upon other people for everything except changing the channel. My mom is going to stay up north for as long as she is needed.

The bike season is upon us! I rode 26 fairly flat miles on Sunday. It was a club ride but it was only 41 degrees when we started, so only 1 other person showed. Still, we rode and it felt great. I'm getting to know my new bike, and I was really comfortable on her. I'm confident that I will still feel that way when I ride up and down some hills. D4w (designed for women) totally rocks!

I have decided to resurrect "Gotta Step it Up (GSIU)." I didn't stick with that idea for very long, especially since my PT brought a good piece of my fitness effort to a halt, and that seemed to boomerang into bad food habits as well. But PT is coming to an end (2 more sessions), I am starting to step up the cardio, and working on the food habits as well. So this week I am concentrating on "no white food." So far, I am doing quite well. This morning I had a baked stuffed potato topped with guacamole for breakfast. Yes it was a white potato, but that was a better choice than Honey Nut Cheerios. Even last night at dinner, I made good choices.

I took the day off yesterday, and one of my accomplishments was taking son#2 for his learner's permit. What a hassle! First, didn't realize I needed his social security card, so we had to go home to get that, then his birth certificate was not a certified copy, so I had to go home again to get his passport. Then credit card transactions went down, so I had to find an ATM to get the cash, and finally the clerk hit a "random check for supervisor," so we had to wait for a supervisor to come and check all the documents again to make sure the clerk had entered all the info properly. We were exhausted and starving by the time we got done! but done it is and now my husband can have the joy for taking him for his first lesson driving around a big parking lot.


miss petite america said...

the DMV is evil.

i need to work on the eating habits too...just can't get myself to do it......

Stillwater said...

Now I know what to look forward to when I take my son for his learners permit, and what to bring!
Thanks for the heads up. LOL
Your poor SIL..I can not imagine being her type, which I am, and not being able to use my hands...
I'm off to see the Physicitrist this morning and expect some PT is in my future too :)
Eating crap must being going around, if you can stop, I can stop. Thanks!

Audrey said...

teenagers driving!! super fun! it was so weird to sit in the car last month with my little brother! :) it's really nice you took the day off to take him.