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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Fitness Smorgasbord

On Thursday, I took a deep water class, mostly because I wanted to try DWR (deep water running) and I thought it would be helpful to have an instructor. As soon as I tried it, it felt "natural," if running in deep water wearing a floatation belt can feel "natural." I don't think it's the kind of thing that really requires instruction. The instructor took us through several different cardio type moves and manuevers and then some ab exercises. When she moved onto arms/weights at the shallow end of the pool, I decided to try running a few laps in the lap pool. I defintiely got my HR up, although not as high as running on land or doing other cardio activities. DH was there, swimming laps, and I got him to try it also, but he was not nearly as happy with it as I was. He wants it to feel like running, which it doesn't. He also thought it would get his HR higher than it did. Oh well. I'm glad he tried and maybe he will try it again, especially if his shoulders start bothering him from all the swimming. I think I may add it into my cardio activities here and there. I would like to see what it feels like after doing it for 1/2 hour. The only problem is that it's kinda boring, especially since you can't plug in the tunes. Have to go somewhere else, as most swimmers do.

This morning I took the kickboxing class, followed by body sculpting. Kickboxing was fun. I would definitely go to this class again, but 8 am on Saturday morning is tough. I don't mind getting up early to drvie to a meeting place for a bike ride, but for some reason, this took some real motivation to get up and out the door. I guess I would much rather be on my bike. I did this instead of spinning just to do something different (and because I had heard really good things about the class). Body sculpting was the usual -- challenging, wondering how many muscles I am going to feel tomorrow that I didn't even know I owned. She does a good deal of "core" work and you really have to think about what is moving and what is not moving. She walks around and corrects your movements and posture, which is always helpful (and the sign of a good instructor). When I came home, I started to read, but I fell asleep for about an hour! My inner thighs are so sore (DOMS). I think it's primarily from MPT on Thursday, but probably compounded by kickboxing.

Variety, the spice of life-long fitness. I am enjoying this fitness smorgasbord.

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