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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Healthy Obsession

When does the healthy attitude about health and fitness become an obsession? Yesterday I had my gym bag packed and every intention of going to the gym when son #1 went to his meeting at the HS. On my way home, I decided not to go, not because I didn't feel well or because I was feeling lazy. I forced myself NOT to go to the gym because I really think I needed to get some other things done and that maybe I am becoming obsessed with working out. So instead, I cooked myself dinner, helped son #2 with his homework, got some laundry done and watched The Biggest Loser (instead of The Amazing Race, which I had intended to watch when I got home from the gym). Watching The Biggest Loser did make we wish I could be on a treadmill or doing bicep curls, but I got over it.

When I did finally slow down, got into bed and finished reading a very good book, I felt like I made the right decision and i had no regrets.

But there's no stopping me today-- my gym bag is in the car, 5:12 train, 6:30 spin. Business as usual tonight!!

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