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Monday, January 23, 2006

Shifting Gears

I seemed to have shifted gears over the last few days...Jury duty totally threw off my eating and fitness routines. Then, over the weekend, I did not go to the gym in the morning, which is my usual pattern, and that seemed to throw off my entire day. Instead of just going to the gym, I found myself contemplating how I was going to rearrange my day to get everything done including working out. I made it to the gym on Saturday, but I never got there on Sunday.

I was released from jury duty at about 11 am on Friday, so I went shopping. I was determined to find some nice fitted jeans-- I'm sick of the baggy ones that are big enough to wear over my workout clothes or longjohns! Mission accomplished. Luckily, I was not put on a jury, so I am back to work. I am actually thrilled to be back at work, although the workload after being out of the office for 3 days is somewhat intimidating. My car is in the shop, which means DH has to pick me up at the station, so I have to leave work at a certain time and hopefully we will both go to the gym. I seem to be enjoying a "daily cooking" phase, so there are lots of leftovers for lunch and even some meals in the freezer. I'm using the big crockpot at least once a week, and the little one to prepare hot cereal overnight during the week. Hopefully back to my usual food and fitness routines.

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