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Monday, April 03, 2006

50 is a BIG Number

"You're only as old as you feel." That's what they say. I don' think I feel fifty. I don't think I look fifty. But I think I think like I'm fifty. And that means I think about what a big number 50 years is, and sometimes that freaks me out. Well, I have decided I will be the fifty year old lady that I want to be, and not your "typical" 50 year old lady. So onward and upward, to 51!
I did have a really great birthday and first weekend of my 51st year. DH sent me a dozen roses, and on Saturday night sons #1 and #2 took DH and I to dinner at a very nice but not real fancy restaurant. I enjoyed the dinner and watching them open their wallets when the check came!

I picked out a couple of races and events-- the 5 Boro Bike Tour is May 7, Mothers Day 5K on May 14, and a 10K on June 10. I'm going to ask Niece A if she will enter this race with me. I don't expect her to run with me, just to wait for me at the finish line!! I entered the Spring Fling Challenge at Pink Dumbbells, and set goals of 10 miles/week on foot and 25 miles/week on wheels (spinning and hiking will count). I am excited that the Daylight Savings Time has started and the weather is warming up and I can take it outdoors. On Saturday I ran 3.4 miles on the road and on Sunday I hiked 7 miles. I took my bike out for a 2 mile ride just to check the alignment on my new saddle. If I didn't have a ton of things that needed to get done, I would have taken it out for a 10 mile ride. It felt so good to be on the black Trek. DH took his bike out for the first time since we returned from Hawaii last summer. So far, so good.

On Saturday I donated an old bike to Pedals for Progress. I got there a little early and they already had at least 50 bikes that they were getting ready to pack. What a great way to open the bike season.

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