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Friday, December 15, 2006

Overcoming Slothdom

December is a tough month for me. The big annual meeting found me embracing slothdom-- sitting on my butt listening to lectures for hour after hour. Eating whatever magically appeared before me. It's a good thing I am not a drinker. A glass of wine and a martini were the only alcoholic beverages I consumed, despite a multitude of opportunites to get drunk as a skunk on somebody else's dime (or dollar or larger denomination of US currency) . I brought the proper gym apparel but never got to the hotel fitness center. When I returned to NYC, I drove from the airport to a holiday party! There are chocolates and cookies everywhere. The TV pumps out messages to eat! buy! consume! Love somebody by spending huge amounts of money. The pervasiveness of that attitude during the month eats at my core.

It has taken several additional days to get to the gym. There was working late on Monday, car swapping on Tuesday which resulted in my gym bag being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the need to buy food on Wednesday. So off I went on Thursday morning (my day off) to get beaten up by my trainer. Today the soreness that made putting my gym bag in the car an arduous task serves as a reminder of the price of slothdom.

After the gym and a trip to the library, I gritted my teeth, headed to the mall, and exercised my American Express card. In 2 hours, I managed to purchase gifts for everyone on my list (I must admit, I had a short list) and a new pair of running shoes for myself. There were a few more errands but when I arrived home, I decided it was time to reaquaint myself with the contents of my refrigerator and pantry and the use of some other major appliances. I became a goddess of all things domestic, and engaged in a mother's triathlon-- cooking, laundry, and general tidying up. I made a big pot of chicken soup and then I went on to cook the ............ brussel sprouts! I love them, but just the smell of them cooking will cause the rest of my family to flee from the kitchen (and occasionally from the house). Ah well, their loss, I get to eat a whole skillet of them simmered with apples and onions. You're jealous aren't you?

So, my reward for overcoming slothdom is a extreme soreness in my upper body and a tub of leftover brussel sprouts for lunch. Well, I'm sure there are some cookies and chocolates around here somewhere.

After work, I intend to try my new running shoes with my not quite new orthotics. The weekend will be unseasonably warm, so time outdoors is in the plan. My winter preseason ends next Wednesday. I will get on the scale (which I have been avoiding). I will spend the final 11 days of the year thinking about and planning for 2007.


Anonymous said...

I'm anti "love someone, spend alot of money".
Rubs me the wrong way to "have" to get on board that wagon along with the rest of America..
What running shoes did you get?

Anonymous said...

i love the mothers triathlon!!!

Shelly said...

Heron-- I bought Nike Conqueror shoes. I put my orthotics in them, so its not worth investing in an ultrasoft cushiony shoe. This seems to work fine.

Audrey-- the events in the mother's tri can change with little or no notification! You have to be a very diverse athlete to compete.

Lady Sue said...

Just catching up on your blog....I've had my own Slothness to deal with...not good..
Anyway...Brussel Sprouts...I love them but the only way I ever fix them is to steam them and then spritz them with a little spray butter...I know how boring...
I would love your recipe with the onions and apples...that just plain sounds good...
Take Care..