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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Resurrection of the Trek

I have resurrected my Trek. Here's how it happened.
Part 1
Hubby and I decided to take celebratory trip this summer to Hawaii with Backroads-- biking, hiking and kayaking. Realized I have ridden very little in past 5 (OK, who am I kidding 10) years, went out for a bike ride and almost died, especially on the little itty bitty hills. At about this time, noticed a new 8 week program at the club--Spinning Weight Loss Program. Decided to sign up and learned how to spin. Do you need to learn how to spin if you know how to ride a bike? Probably not, but it helped to have an instructor who made sure you were fitted to the bike properly and could start out easy. As part of the program, I committed to spinning 3 days a week and working out a total of 5 days a week. And I did. Started weight program with a personal trainer. Lost a few pounds, discovered my hamstrings while shaving my legs, noticed muscles in my shoulders and arms. Getting ready for Hawaii. Took the hybrid out for a ride, definitely getting stronger. I see the Trek in the basement, and I start thinking about it. Trek has no pedals. Nothing $170 can't fix. Trip to the bike store for very cool Sidi bike shoes and cleats and pedals. Take the Trek out with my new shoes and pedals and I'm in heaven!!

Part 2
Hawaii, the Big Island. I finish last everyday, but I can handle almost anything, including pushing uphill with headwinds. Last day, only 4 of us go for the 38 mile ride (me and the boys). The coast, the volcanoes, the lava fields are all too beautiful. I am inspired and have tons more confidence.

Part 3
Home again, the Trek is my instrument. It gets a tune-up and a new bike computer (the other one was only 19 years old). I still spin, especially on really hot days, I still lift (weenie) weights, and on Sundays I sometimes go hiking with the club hiking group. I usually ride by myself. Hubby rides much faster than me and is now beginning a 3-4 month achilles rest/rehab. I usually ride between 10 and 17 miles. Might ride more if I had someone to ride with, but I don't mind riding by myself.

I love the feeling of power when I'm reaching the top of those hills (even the itty bitty ones).
I love to feel the sweat pouring out, soaking my clothes.
I love pushing the button on my bike computer to see my time, mileage, speed.
I love the way my clothes fit and the way I feel after losing even a few (4) pounds.

I love my black Trek, which was my 30th birthday present from hubby.