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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cooking with Gas

Coming soon..... to MY KITCHEN........a brand new gas range. DH and I have decided to get rid of the electric range, and replace it with a gas one. This is a big decision because it requires purchasing (or leasing) a propane tank, paying a plumber to run the gas line from the tank into the kitchen, and paying an electrician to step down the electric input from 220 to 110. Ultimately it will add to the value of the house, and more importantly, I deserve a gas stove. I do enough cooking to justify the expense. Electric stove? Oh, you'll get used to it. Well, I have gotten used to it, but I hate it. Trying using a wok, or a pressure cooker on an electric stove. So in a couple of weeks I will be simmering and roasting in the luxury of my GE Profile JGB918. And imagine how happy son #2 will be when he discovers the little "pizza oven." There is a small 2nd oven at the bottom, which can also be used to keep dinners warm for those returning home (from the gym!) after dinner has been served. And did I mention the grill/griddle that can be used over the big fat center burner? Its like having a George Forman grille without having a George Forman grille. And nowI don't have to clean my evil electric oven because it's going away, far far away. Cleanliness is not a requirement for hauliness (ooooh, that was bad). I wonder what they do with evil electric ranges that are hauled away.

And BTW, I won $75 in the students' Superbowl pool. Yippeee! I spent some time visiting Timbuk2 Build Your Own Messenger Bag website. I have a "bag" addiction.

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