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Monday, February 27, 2006

Just Chugging Along

I had the realization that I've made some serious changes in my lifestyle over the past year, and even when I'm just chugging along, I am getting things right most of the time. Even when life's events get in the way, I am able to either work around them or get back on track ASAP. And life does get in the way, so flexibility is key to success. So here I am, 32 days away from my 50th birthday, and I have made good nutrition and fitness a top priority in my life. Last week I spent 2 days sitting around the house waiting for plumbers, electricians and appliance delivery people. Sometimes I think taking a break for a few days is a good thing-- besides giving your body a break, you get a feeling for how addicted you are to the gym. A little addicted is a good thing and that's where I am. I was able to handle the days off, and on Saturday I was ready for a nice long workout. I also realized that my body has adjusted to my new weight. I tend to hover around 108 lbs. Even when I'm a "bad girl," my weight doesn't immediately jump to 110. I have to be seriously overindulgent for that to happen. And if I do gain a pound or so, it's usually easy to get back down to 108. So even after spending a few days sitting around the house eating bagels, my weight stayed at 108. This morning I was down to 107 and my body fat is just under 20%!! I put on a pair of pants that I bought not that long ago and they are big in the waist. Yesterday I was on the treadmill and I noticed that it's getting easier to run a little faster. It makes me realize that I could accomplish great things if I really got serious and didn't just chug along.
If I cut out the coffee..... if I drank more water.... if I consistently spread my meals out.... if I watched my protein intake more carefully......
I could decrease my body fat and get rid of the remaining saddle bags. I could run a 10k. I could lead rides for the cycle club. I could find the speed that I've never had.

I think it's time to give this all some thought and re-evaluate my goals. Of course, it has to be about balance too. I still have a job and a family and even just chugging along takes a big chunk of time, in the gym and the kitchen. Not quite a year ago, I pictured where I wanted be when I turned 50. I'm there. Now, where do I want to be when I turn 51?

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