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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

TIVO and The WD5YP

Last night I avoided The Sate of the Union address by watching American Idol on TIVO. American Idol was certainly more entertaining than W, and I could also argue that Idol, was reality TV and the State of the Union address was pure fantasy. I certainly don’t feel guilty about not watching W; that it's my civic duty to tune in whenever the President is addressing the nation. Reading about it in the NY Times is a much better investment of my time. In fact, watching American Idol is a much better investment of my time. Having TIVO also allows me to watch these shows in less time. Sometimes I will watch a favorite TV show in its regular timeslot, but just tune in 15 minutes later. It takes 40-45 minutes to watch a 1 hour show, so I will be done at the same time that the show normally ends. I was originally opposed to TIVO because I did not want to encourage the kids to watch more TV, but that really hasn't happened. When they are in TV watching mode, they are in TV watching mode. They will watch anything because their brains are already set to TV Mode. They might as well watch something that they really want to watch vs. some total MTV crap. Same thing with me-I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but when I am in the mood, it's good to watch what I want to watch, regardless of the day and time. So yeah, I love TIVO.

And, I admit, I like certain reality TV shows, like American Idol and The Biggest Loser. I even like Loser Special Edition episodes, although not as much as the seasonal version. I have weaned myself off of Survivor, and I never had much interest in the Bachelor/Bachelorette varieties. Apparently Fox was concerned about Idol's ratings falling off because people are getting tired of it. This is the 5th season. But Idol's ratings have been off the charts. It would have been interesting if Idol went up against W. I wonder how many people did what I did-- TIVOed Idol so they didn't have to watch W.

Today I read Skwigg's blog and discovered that we have a similar problem. This morning I put on a pair of wool slacks that I haven't worn in a long time. I haven't worn any wool slacks in a long time, primarily because the few pair that I do own were too tight! But now that they fit again, I decided to wear them. As soon as I zipped them up I could feel the wool waistband on my wintertime dry itchy skin making me even more dry and itchy. So I dug up a camisole and put that on under my sweater and immediately everything was right with the world. I have decided that I need more camisoles, both of the undergarment variety and the "base layer" variety. Every woman should include the purchase of camisoles in their wardrobe diversity 5 year plan (WD5YP). Every woman has a WD5YP, right?

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