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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Commuting with Electronics

I commute with a backpack and although people might think I am carrying a small tonnage of important documents (does anyone carry paper documents anymore?), the reality is that I carry a small tonnage of electronics and food. Today I took my DVD player to watch Unforgiven, the Clint Eastwood movie. Then there's the cell phone, the Palm Pilot and sometimes the iPod (although not if I have the DVD player). And my Jeff Gordon lunchbag, discarded by son #2 at least 5 years ago, filled with little plastic containers of assorted good for you food.

When visiting the campus of University of Pennsylvania with my son about a month ago, I realized that every student had a cell phone and an iPod. Apple needs to work on integrating the iPod and the cell phone because nobody wants to give up the quality of the iPod to have crappy music capabilities on a cell phone. Clearly Generation D would rather carry both than give up the iPod. I am waiting for a cell phone/iPod/Palm Pilot/good quality camera in a small package. That would be a killer device. My back would be forever grateful. I'd be able to commute with the device clipped on my waist and my lunchbag. This may be a fantasy today, but a year from now.......

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