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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weird Sightings at the Gym

I saw some weird people at the gym today. First, there were 2 men running on treadmills in their streetclothes. Jeans, long-sleeve button down shirts. OK, its not that weird, but most people wear sweats or shorts and T-shirts. I suppose they may have forgooten their gym bags and decided to work-out anyway. The, when I was in the locker room, a woman came in, all sweaty, wearing heavy sweats. Her pants were soaked in sweat and it looked like she had wet her pants! She took off the sweats and she was wearing a plastic trash bag. Now I know the theory, wrapping yourself in plastic makes you sweat more (that part of the theory was supported by her very sweaty clothes) but do people really think this will help you lose more weight? Perhaps I have missed some recent scientific study in exercise physiology and the garbage bag is going to become an essential fitness accessory. They will be sold in assorted colors, patterns and sizes (8, 13, and 23 gallons) and of course their cost will increase exponentially as demand outpaces supply. Maybe I will start a new business, selling fashionable trashbag bodywear. A name for this product....... The Ultimate Sweat Bag. What do ya think? I'm gonna be rich, right? And all because I saw a lady wearing a garbage bag.

Anyway, back to reality. I got to the gym and did some low intensity cardio for an hour and then did a damn good LBWO. The hour on the bike and the treadmill allowed me to listen to a good chunk of music. I enjoyed that. When I got home, I made a big pot of vegetable soup. That will give me a good start for the work week. Now I'm watching the Giants v. Bears. I'll probably fold some laundry and my Sunday will be complete.


Audrey said...

Exercising in a plastic bag is SO ridiculous. (I know, i'm preaching to the choir on this one.) That would only be good if:

1) You're trying to heat acclimate
2) You have to weigh in (like for crew or wrestling)

Sigh....Have a great week!

Shelly said...

This lady did not like like a member of a crew team or a wrestler. So I guess she's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

That's a very funny mental picture you just gave me !
You know ideas are cheap, it's the folks who make it happen that get rich.
What colors will your "Sweat Bags" come in?