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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Is He Serious

I went for a 25 mile bike ride this morning with a few other hearty club members. It was actually very pleasant. The temp was in the mid to high 40s, and I wasn't at all cold. We stopped at a not Starbucks and I had steamed cider. Yummmms. I had a conversation with a man who I have seen before on club rides. He told me how he used to ride all the time when he was younger and now he is getting back to it, especially since he is getting divorced and is trying to do things that he enjoys (and possibly meet a few women along the way). He then put in a plug for himself, suggesting that if I get to know him better, perhaps I could fix him up with some nice women. I asked him if he had met Lady X, who I had ridden with almost every weekend during the "high season." He asked me how old she is, because he is 54 and he wants to meet women in their 30s who don't want to have children because he already has 2 fabulous children and that's enough. I almost dropped my bike, which I was putting into the back of my car. This man does not have drop dead good looks (not even close) and my first (and second) impression is that he is nerdly. I'm sure he is pleasant enough and he seems eager to meet and interact with interesting people. BUT I can't see women 20 years younger than him lining up for a chance to go for a ride with him in his Toyota Camry. I don't believe I know any single women under 35, but even if I did...... and Lady X (who happens to be 50) is safe!

Yesterday I got to the gym and tried one of the brand new ellipticals that replaced some older ellipticals and I really liked it. Not sure if its any different than the old ones, maybe it was just that I haven't used the elliptical trainer in a long time. Then I got on the treadmill. I used one of the programs that had me going uphill, getting progressively steeper. I walked it and even going uphill just wasn't really getting my heart rate up where I wanted it, so I decided to run the next one. I ran real slow and by the time I got to the steepest part, I was working very hard! The good news is that my knee felt pretty good. I still haven't decided if I need to go back to the podiatrist to have the orthotics adjusted. They feel pretty good when I'm running, but I don't think I would be real comfortable just walking around in them. I should probably call him and tell him that and see what he says.

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Anonymous said...

oh, i don't want to be mean either, but i have no idea what possesses some older guys to think they are going to "get with" someone 20 years younger. i'm in my mid-twenties and nerdy/ugly 42 and 47 y/o guys have asked me out [my dad is 53]. and i look younger, the 42 y/ thought i was in middle school when he passed me the first time on the street-that is a huge different problem in and of itself...] are they kidding? at the very least i would date a nerdy/unattractive 20/30 something who wants to have kids...god i am so mean. but you are so right!!