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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wishy Washy Vegetarian

I am a vegetarian.... most of the time. I eat milk and eggs, so I am not a vegan. I am an ovo-lacto-vegetarian. Once in a while, especially when I go out to dinner, I will eat fish. Fish is meat. True vegetarians do not eat fish. OK, so I'm an ovo-lacto-occasionally fish eating-vegetarian. If the choice is eat meat or don't eat, I will eat meat, usually chicken. This is starting to sound like a silly children's song: ovo-lacto-occasionally fish eating-rarely chicken eating-vegetarian. And when I walk into that good kosher deli that we sometimes visit, I become a carnivore-for-a-meal. I cannot be denied that pastrami on rye. I am coming clean here, I am admitting that I am a wishy washy vegetarian. Yeah, well, it works for me.

Have you thought about becoming a vegetarian? Need that extra little motivation to really try to adopt this lifestyle? For me, that last push came from reading Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser.

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Anonymous said...

I don't eat much meat and have gone through periods where I was anti eating "muscle" of any sort.
Now I eat organic as much as possible.
Everything on and in earth, is made out of the same stuff.
Nothing leaves the planet. We are are recycled goods.
That, in a manner, makes us all canibals no matter what we put in our mouths to keep our systems up and running.
Does a carrot have feeling?
Who knows?
We only know it doesn't "feel" like we do, or cows do.
Holy Communion is a big quandry..
"take, this is my body, do this in rememberance of me".
Just what was Jesus talking about?
My belief is to honor what feeds me.
Carrot, bread, bird, cow.
All is Holy.
All to be blessed and thanked for keeping me alive to see another day..