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Monday, August 14, 2006

Uterus Is Right

I am so ready for menopause. Bring it on. A couple of months ago I was 2 weeks late. I thought I was done. Yeah, I wish it was that simple. This month I was 2 days late and I was having conversations with my uterus. Don't do this. I will still respect you. I'll compromise, we can adjust the schedule. Everybody else understands that I'm not having anymore babies. Why can't you. Uterus did not listen. In fact, Uterus punished me by getting started at a most inconvenient time and requiring a trip to Walmart to purchase shorts, panties and feminine hygiene products in order to continue road trip to PA. Uterus' final words were You're old enough to know better than to venture forth totally unprepared. Uterus is right. I am in deep denial that I still do this monthly cycle thing.


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya here girl!
Every month that passes I hope it's adding to the the 12 month count that will finally signal menopause.
So far I've made it as far as 3 before my own uterus makes a come back appearence.
I don't miss anything about being fertile!

Anonymous said...

This is so interesting. On the other end of the spectrum, I miss my periods a bit but I don't think menopause is my deal quite yet :)

I've never made it a year without a period, but I had primary amenhorea (started late, I was 15) and have secondary amenhorea (missing periods) b/c of all of the sports I play (not always a joy when you have a bf b/c you're like...i'm late b/c of running, right??). I've never gone 12 months though. I think 7 is the longest. I'll usually get hurt and then gain some fat and everything kicks in again. Now my birth control is keeping them away as well but I've still only hit about 7 months without. I don't mind having my period per se, it's the PMS that goes along with it that KILLS me. At least that minimizes surprise...