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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time to Defunk

I had a crappy weekend. In fact, the last few weeks have been crappy. At this point, the only option is for things to get better, to head up out of my funk. Being in PT, and having my cardio very limited has totally killed my motivation to go to the gym. That in turn has totally killed my motivation to eat properly. Add in the following:

1) Snowstorm that keeps you indoors all day Friday and most of Saturday.
2) Son that wants to go to his friend's house wearing his slippers after snowstorm.
3) Lack of telephone service while husband is away and both children are somplace other than home accompanied by lack of cell phone coverage at home, making it necessary to drive to the firehouse parking lot to get cell phone coverage in order to leave messages for various people so they know the phone doesn't work.
4) DH leaving pen in shirt pocket which ends up in washer/dryer and ruins 4 shirts.
5) Starting to make banana muffins and realizing I am missing key ingredient and having to make trip to the supermarket because I don't want to throw out the ingredients that I have already prepared.
6) Feeling sorry for myself and buying Oreos at the supermarket and then eating too many.

The Oreo thing is so uncharacteristic of me! I am not an emotional eater, but this was defintiely a response to feeling lonely and cranky. At least it made me realize that this was a total pity party and that it was time to turn it around. Yesterday was much better. Getting back to work after a 3 day wekend (snow day on Friday) was the best medicine. I do much better when I have structure and a routine. And tomorrow is the first day of spring! A new season, longer daylight hours, new growth and bicycle season! I am heading out of this funk, time to get back on the bus, the only option is up.

This week also marked the beginning of a 3 week Health and Fitness Challenge here at work. It is a fundraiser for the students and I am "team captain" for faculty/staff. I signed up 42 participants ($10 entry fee, winner gets a $25 gift certificate to Sports Authority). It involves everyone identifying healthy habits that they need to practice daily and a weekly fitness goal. Basically you earn points for practicing these habits and achieving your goals. My daily habits are not to eat any white food (white flour, white rice) and to floss my teeth. My weekly goal is to Dab the Wussy once a week. What would be your daily habits and weekly fitness goal?


leslie said...

IMHO you were marvelously restrained, given all that you were dealing with. I don't do well with isolation, loneliness, and yucky crappy jobs that seem to go on forever (like trying to get ink out of clothes -- been there, done that, don't wanna do it again!).

Daily and weekly habits? I'm just trying to figure those out. For years I've just done whatever was in front of me, which meant I did the waltz of "laundry, dishes, cleaning" all day long. And workouts happened, but they happened without a plan or a purpose. This week I'm re-reading "The Power of Full Engagement" which is all about building routines into your day. It's one of my favorite books.

Sorry for so many words. I truly get where you're at, and I'm really happy you're getting out of the funk.

Audrey said...

My weekly goal would definitely be food related. I should not be eating junk food and/or caffeine b/c they're back for my stomach. That said, assuming I started solid foods when I was 2 (I am now 26) 24 years of eating habits is so hard to break. So. Hard.