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Sunday, September 30, 2007


My gym has a hiking club which has expanded in scope-- it is now an "Outdoor Fitness Club." In addition to hiking, we have gone kayaking and today was the first Paintball Event! What an experience! Here are my observations and experiences from my first day of paintball.
  1. It is not cheap, but $50 did pay for a whole day of entertainment.
  2. Getting hit with a paintball hurts. In fact, I have one bruise on my calf (from friendly fire).
  3. If you're not going to go for it, it's not as much fun. Make sure you purchase plenty of paintballs AND rent a camouflage jumpsuit.
  4. It's a man's game. There are some women, but not many.
  5. Fat people do not play paintball.
  6. Testosterone definitely fuels more aggressive play-- these guys were hurling paintball hand grenades into enemy fortifications.
  7. You play several squirmishes, each one on a different battlefield. I enjoyed this part of it the most, having to develop different strategies to "stay alive" on different terrain.
  8. Although there were some attempts to develop a unified plan, it's mostly small "cells" heading in different directions and trying to avoid getting ambushed (e.g. almost but not quite organized chaos).
  9. I am a fairly defensive paintballer. I ran for cover, tried to find enemy locations and waited for them to expose themselves. With all the testosterone-driven men trying to be paintball heroes, this was a good strategy. I conserved ammo and had a few good "kills."
  10. Safety is taken VERY SERIOUSLY (as it should be). Helmets/goggles are required and if you as much as touch them while on the playing field, the refs yell at you immediately.
  11. I don't know if this really qualified as "outdoor fitness," but it definitely go my heart pounding!
  12. I would definitely do this again. Not next weekend, but definitely again.


leslie said...

Shelly -- I'm impressed with you! So happy you had fun!

Stillwater said...

Paint ball is so much fun!!
I went with my son a few years ago and got shot up/bruised up pretty good. But I did my fair share of shooting the heck out of the enemy! LOL

Kisha Kitchens said...

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