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Friday, September 23, 2005

Flame On !!

The flamer/list owner/moderator would not concede that she was part of the problem. So my attempts at conciliation went nowhere. I suggested that she post a portion of the email she had sent to me, which was an appropriate clarification. Instead she posted her entire tirade about why I was wrong. So I posted a comparison of her initial flame and the more appropriate excerpt with the following:
"I viewed the first response as "flaming" and the second as an appropriate response and explanation. So thanks for the clarification. I won't be coming to this meet-up, I hope you have a really big turnout and great Halloween event. I haven't decided yet whether I would enjoy coming to future meetings. And just to set the record strainght, I did come to a meet-up in August and had awonderful time talking with really interesting people."

She then went on to alienate another group member with "i'm sorry, but i'm not going to make myself crazy having a whole bunch of meetings every month to accommadate a few people, and then they don't even show up. it becomes very tedious being stood up.. "

The Bitch is a control freak. But I am going to stay on the high road.

Getting on to more serious things-- Hurricane Rita has been downgraded to category 3.

I am psyched to ride 50 miles in the bike tour this Sunday. I found a D+/C rider to ride with, and I even volunteered to serve food at the end. Hoping for nice weather, which so far seems to be in the forecast.

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