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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mountain Bikers Rock

On Friday, I took my bike to the gym because my Passat was in the shop. At hubby's suggestion, I took the hybrid so I could ride thru BM Reservation. This is defintiely shorter and perhaps less hilly? NOT. As soon as I got off the main road, I was heading straight up over much gravel, needed to put my bike in first gear and started slipping. I had to walk my bike up a couple of times, just couldn't get any forward momentum on the uphill gravel. It was much more difficult than I had anticipated, especially after doing a bazillion squats and lunges and other activities that tend to turn your legs into rubber. I now have much more respect for mountain bikers, after experiencing this activity firsthand. When I got home and told son #2 about it, his response was "hey, what's the big deal, I've done it, no lo problemo." I guess I will have to try it again and then decide if I am a total mountain biking wimp or not. But it really made me crave my Trek more than a second chance. On Saturday, I rode 22 miles on the coveted Trek up and down many a hill, without even a wimper. Well, maybe I wimpered once on the last hill, but I was never close to even thinking about walking uphill!! On Sunday I rode Lew's "Flat 18, " but I put some speed behind it, verifying my status as a C rider.

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