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Monday, September 26, 2005

The 4 Mile Tour

My GA Bike Tour ended abruptly at mile 4 yesterday. I was registered for the 50 mile tour. Oh well.
I met Karen at registration at a little after 8:00. She was kinda flustered and a little late because she had locked herself out of her house and could not imagine how she was going to get back in. She made a few phone calls and we finally set off at about 8:30. We stopped at 0.2 miles because her bike computer wasn't registering, but she couldn't get it to work. Well, mine was, so off we went. Mile 4, no shoulder, car in the right lane. I rode over a storm drain/grating, went "THUMP," pulled over and saw the huge dent in my front rim. That was it for me. I need a new wheel. I called for support and 5 minutes later the sag wagon pulled up and they took me back to the start. I hung around for a little while, helped out with registration, then I went home. I watched the Yankee game, snoozed on the couch and ate a frozen Snickers. I deserved it after that workout!!!
Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day and I restrained from taking my bike out so my legs would be fresh for the Tour. So I ended up having a rather lazy weekend, but I guess that's OK every once in a while..... as long as it doesn't become the norm.
So back to spinning today. Hoping bike repairs will only involve a new wheel and there's no damage to the fork. But as long as I'm bringing it in, I will let them repack the headset, which I was going to have done after the season. I can ride the hybrid for a couple of days if necessary.

Reading: Empire Falls
Watching: All The Kings Men, Yankee games
Weight: 110 (if only I hadn't eaten the Snickers)

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