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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I've Been Flamed!!

My post to a Yahoo group about a scheduled meet-up date--
FYI--> October 10 is Columbus Day-- I won't be coming into the city to work and I expect many others won't be around that day. Just something to consider.

The response from the listowner--
if people want to come to these meetings, they should make it their business to make the time to come. i've taken polls and have made extra meeting days to accomadate peoplein this group. you been signed up since april, and there have been a number of meetings that didn't fall on a holiday. it would be nice if you came sometime.

I decided to take this offline and replied to the owner's email instead of to the message board. I used yahoo's reply function and I don't know if a copy of my email will show up in my "Sent" folder, but if it does, I will post it here. I took the high road, letting her know that the time I did come to a meeting, she impressed me as a very sincere and dedicated person, and this seems out of character. Perhaps she read something in my email that would not have come off in a f2f situation (doubtful, just giving her the benefit of the doubt; probably having a bad day). My major concern was that other people would read this and not feel very good about it and not want to come to our get-togethers. Already 2 other list members have admonished her for taking this tone. Can't wait to see how she responds to me and to the list. Internet etiquette intrigue!!

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