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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Do What Sucks at the Body Shop Until Your Eyes Hurt

I was perusing a copy of Bicycling Magazine that DH had brought home. There was a list of 10 Training Fundamentals. The article is also online. Here are my favorites:

Do what sucks.
You hate climbing because it's hard for you. You should climb--because it's hard for you.
This is my favorite. For me this is defintiely the hills, but it's also ABS. I avoid doing them because they are hard and quickly turn to pain. So I gotta get tough and do more crunches!

Ride at the edges. Once a week, go so hard your eyes hurt.
Yeah, I have been thinking about this. Too often I hold back to be sure I have enough left in the tank. Then when it's over, I think I could have gone harder. Can you go so hard your eyes hurt in spin class? Gonna find out.

Maintain the human machine. The gym is your body shop.
I do spend a good deal of the time at the gym, but I like the way this one sounds. This is more than just going to the gym, it's about getting the most out of the time I invest in fitness, whether at the gym or outdoors, and about making sure this human machine uses the best fuel.

So Step It Up in 2007-- Once a week, Do What Sucks at the Body Shop Until Your Eyes Hurt. I guess I should have another acronym for this-- DWSATBSUYEH. Now that is pretty hard to remember and even harder to pronounce. So using an angram server, I have decided that "Do What Sucks At the Body Shop Until Your Eyes Hurt" shall be known as "Dab the Wussy. "


Laurie said...

Dab the Wussy is too funny. You won't forget that anytime soon. Awesome job going for it all!

miss petite america said...

i like your if i accidentally yell out dab the wussy in the gym and everyone stares at me, it's your fault.

Anonymous said...

Holding back alittle is my gig. I'm afraid if I "give it" everything I have and won't have anything left...what I'm I saving it for?
I think it's a form of self preservation.
Maybe I think I'll die if I give "everything"???
Sounds like your on a roll! Well done :)