The Ins and Outs of an Ordinary Life

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This morning I listened to a WGBH Morning Stories Podcast called Runner’s High. It is about a couple, both of them runners. The wife became seriously ill with an infection and almost died. It took her a long time to recover and eventually she was able to resume running. She then entered and completed a 7 mile road race. Her husband, of course, also participated. He finished first and when he saw her come across the finish line, he realized that running is not about fitness or competing, it’s about celebrating life and not taking a single day for granted. Then I saw Leslie’s post about Cardio Coach and the description of the couple in their 60’s, with kayaks on the top of the car and bicycles on the back, dancing in their seats because they are so excited about life and their adventures.

This is why I do what I do. So I can get on my bike on a beautiful summer day and feel the wind and take pictures of my friends. So I can travel and explore and eat more really delicious food. So I can run up the hill, because it’s there and because once you get to the top you get to run down the other side. So I won’t be afraid to try something new, especially something that is physically challenging. So I can listen to new music and let it flow inside me and make me move and dance. So I can look at my “personal best” and challenge myself to do better. So I can be a role model for other women my age to stop reading magazines on the freakin hamster wheel treadmill!!!

Then, I was in the weight room and I was walking behind a woman, roughly my age, maybe a little older. Let me tell you, the view was not pretty. She was wearing a velour track suit, sweat suit (not a drop of sweat on it), whatever you want to call it. That was not pretty either. She was in the weight room, with a friend, carrying her pocketbook around, from machine to machine. She was talking a lot and lifting a little.
This is also why I do what I do. This was scary. I do not want to be like her. She won’t be taking any “adventure vacations” anytime soon. I want DH and I to be wearing our hiking boots, bopping to the music, driving somewhere we’ve never been before with the bikes on the back of the car. No kayaks, though. We suck at kayaking. Ooooh, maybe we’ll take kayaking lessons so we can make the kayaks go straight and then we will like it and we can have kayaks on top of the car which we will buy for our 70th birthdays.


leslie said...

You speak the truth, sistah! Make it a fabulous day!

Flo said...

I could not agree more. Those are the women I admire most and I hope to be just like them when I grow up.

Laurie said...

This makes perfect sense. Being healthy is about enjoying life, not torturing yourself to fit a certain image. Great post.

miss petite america said...

amen sister

Anonymous said...

Right on!
With 60 not so far away for me, I already have plans for my transportation to have racks for kayaks, bikes and to be oufitted with a superior sound system! LOL