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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Born Again Triathlete

About 19 years ago, I did a sprint triathlon. I don't remember my time or very many details. I remember my DH made me drink ALOT of water before and after the race. And I remember the look on my dad's face when he saw me coming across the finish line. And I remember feeling pretty darn proud of myself. This time, I was kinda on my own. I drank alot of water, without being reminded. Dad is gone, but he was with me because he taught me to take care of myself. And hot damn, I sure had that same feeling of pride. I did the whole thing indoors at the gym, and when I finished, I considered yelling "I just finished a triathlon and next week is my 50th birthday!" but I refrained. It felt good enough to yell it out in my head. But when I get the T-shirt, people will know that I am a triathlete (so don't mess with the girl). Now, there is no motivation like success. Spring will spring very soon, next week we change the clocks, bike club rides are scheduled. I want to get out there, run and ride, feel strong. Bring on the hills!! Next stop: 10K.
Here are the details:
1/4 mi swim 12 min, 15 mi bike 61 min, 3.1 mi run 38 min for a grand total of 1hr 51 min. I'm not and never have been a speed demon. The upside is I have plenty of room for improvement.

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