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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Simply Stu's Wall of Fame

Last night I did a LBWO. Over the last 2 weeks, I have been very inconsistent about my strength program. But I didn't need to back my weights down. I got through a good workout, and it felt really great. This morning I felt it a little bit in my legs, mostly my inner thighs. As the day has progressed I am feeling it more, in my quads, my outer thigh, my butt, just about everywhere, even my abs. Still, I am comfortably sore (as opposed to comfortably numb, I suppose). At least I know I got it right and made it count for something, but I'm pretty sure I can still walk up stairs without excruciating pain.

I sent my tri results into SimplyStu and he replied, asking if this was my first tri, wanting to know my "story." So I sent him the whole story, since he asked for it:

I did a sprint triathlon about 19 years ago. Over the years, I have fallen more and more out of shape. You know the story-- work, kids, house, etc. Although I've never had a big weight problem, it was getting more difficult to keep my weight down and even 1 pound a year was starting to get a little scary. I always loved bike riding but my Trek was very neglected. I even bought a hybrid so I could ride more upright but it always felt heavy. When I turned 49, I thought long and hard about where and what I wanted to be when I turned 50. I decided I had 1 year to turn this around. This is what I did:
I started taking spinning classes. Learned to use a heart rate monitor.
My husband bought me 3 hours of personal training at our gym. I started a strength/weight lifting program. I never lifted weights before this. I still work with her once a week.
I committed to working out 5 days a week. And I stuck to it-- at least 4 if not 5.
I joined the local cycle club and I rode with them almost every weekend thru the fall. I resurrected the Trek and learned to ride with cleats.
I joined the hiking group at the gym. I hiked almost every Sunday thru the fall. ( I survived being attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets-- another story for another day).
I can't believe the transformation--
I lost about 6 pounds (I'm only 5 ft tall, so a few pounds is enough to make a difference).
Reduced my body fat from 25 to 19%. I have muscles that you can see!
I've become much more conscious about what i eat (or don't eat).
I've increased my level of fitness to the point where I can once again finish a triathlon, and not feel totally wasted when I'm done.
I've made new hiking and biking friends.
I bought lots of smaller-sized clothes!
I have tons more self-confidence and energy. There is no motivation like success, and I feel like I can accomplish much more (notice I did not say I can accomplish anything-- I;m much too pragmatic for that). I have never run a 10k, so that is my next goal. I also want to ride 50 miles in the big bike club tour in the fall. I'm even considering putting some time and effort into swimming. It's been months since I swam any laps, and it really felt good!
So this tri came at just the right time for me-- it was really a celebration of a year long journey and the beginning of my next journey.
So, I am a born again triathlete!

He loved my story, made sure he included it in the results he posted on the website as a "Must Read". I really do appreciate the recognition and that serves as motivation to keep things going. In fact, over the last 2 days I've been taking the time to prepare food, pack lunch for DH and myself, and get to the gym for the UBWO. I've even been thinking about trying to learn how to swim for real and becoming a real triathlete. Ahhhh, so many miles, so little time. It's a thin line between fitness and obsession. And sometimes those miles get lonely. So, for now, I'm aiming for a 10 k (and 50 miles in the fall bike tour).

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