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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What's Inside YOUR Gymbag?

They should do this on Entertainment Tonight. Everynight, they should open another star's gym bag and do an inventory. What do you think was inside Hillary Swank's gymbag while she was getting ready for Million Dollar Baby? What was in George Clooney's gymbag after filming Syriana and he had about 30 pounds to lose? Does Phillip Seymour Hoffman have a gym bag?

So here's the exclusive inventory of the contents of the gymbag owned by VergenceRanges-- after she ate the Peppermint Stick Luna Bar.
1 pair Nike sneakers (notice the yellow band for the Lance Armstrong Foundation), 1 pair wonderful Sidi bikeshoes, 1 pair Nike flipflops for the shower (I try to avoid buying Nike products, but I guess I haven't been too successful with that strategy), 1 complete set workout clothes, 2 towels-- 1 small for sweat management and 1 big for shower, 2 water bottles-- 1 small for most gym activities, 1 big for the big spin, 1 bathing suit in desperate need of replacement, 1 silly swimming cap, 1 pair swimming goggles (these 3 swimming items seldomly used and always find their way to the bottom of the bag), 1 HR monitor in homemade carrying bag, 1 pair headphones, and assorted hair/shower and other items usually classified as "health and beauty." Wow, pretty darn exciting!
So, no sooner do I get this posted then I see a column in Sports Illustrated about what's in some basketball player's gym bag. Hey, I thought of it first!! But this guy's gymbag was more like his traveling/carryon bag. So he had books, iPod, video games, etc. That's cheating!!

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