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Friday, March 17, 2006

Shelly v. Belly

Scene 1-- Grand Central Terminal, Shelly and her evil twin Belly are taking the escalator down to the food court.

Shelly: I'm hungry, and if I'm going to the gym I should eat something now.
Belly: Yummy!! Look at all the green cookies and cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day.
Shelly: I'm not eating that junk.
Belly: But you're hungry, buy something you'll enjoy!.
Shelly: Didn't anybody teach you about "empty calories?"
Belly: Calories are calories. And you're going to the gym, you can burn those calories off on the treadmill.
Shelly: Eating junk food gives me food hangovers. And as a vegetarian, I need to think about getting some protein with those calories.

Standing at the Hale and Hearty Soup counter--
Shelly: small spicy lentil soup please.
Belly: that's gonna make you thirsty, better get a Snapple.
Shelly: Snapple, that's 50 g of sugar and over 200 calories
Belly: OK, Diet Snapple.
Shelly: hmmmm.... Can I have a bottle of water with the soup please?

Final score: Shelly 2/ Belly the Evil Twin 0
Stayed tuned for more action packed adventures of Shelly and Belly

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