The Ins and Outs of an Ordinary Life

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Family Thing

DH and I had several conversations about what he needs to do to lose some weight and what we can do to get the kids to a better place. He has identifed some of his "weak spots," which he calls the 3 Bs-- bread, beer (and wine) and before bed (after dinner). He is now keeping a daily log-- the accountability part is key, IMHO. And he is giving up the alcohol. Son #1 is signing up for a teen spinning class that starts in Feb, and son #2 will be going to a "get ready for baseball" workout twice a week. I have just under 3 months until my 50th birthday, and I feel great about it. Hopefully I will lose a few more pounds and bring my BF down a bit, but I'm starting the year in a good place, with a strong foundation, a support system, and a plan to keep going in the right direction! Hopefully we can keep this family thing going, because we can all do better. Isn't that what family is about, anyway?

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