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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Mother's Triathlon

Yesterday I left my gym bag at home, in the confusion of coordinating 2 cars and 3 drivers. So I didn't go to the gym. I went home and competed in a Mother's Triathlon. The 3 events were laundry, cooking and cleaning up the kitchen, and paperwork/cleaning up desk. I did very well in 2 out of 3 events. I washed 2 loads and folded 4 loads of laundry, I emptied dishwasher, filled dishwasher, cooked 2 dinners (1 for me, 1 for the carnviores), and packed 2 lunches, but I only got through about half of the papers piled on my desk. During the transitions between events, I administered medication to son #2 who has a cold, had a phone conversation with my mom, took messages for other family members, added a few items to my Thursday Peapod delivery and planned today's coordination of 2 cars and 3 drivers. And it only took 3.5 hours. Overall, it was a very productive evening, and it went a long way toward helping me find that balance between work, family, and gym. Most women struggle to find a way to balance work and family, but for me it's work, family and gym. Fitness has become a priority in my life, and I won't give it less than the attention and time it deserves. So, yes, it's a struggle to find that balance, and everyone once in a while I need a non-gym day or I just screw up on the details (like leaving gym bag at home) , but guess where I am going today after work!

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