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Monday, January 30, 2006

Premium vs. Regular

I attended a meeting for 2 days-- Friday and Saturday. I was a bad girl! I always find it hard at meetings because I have to give up control of my food choices and my schedule. Breakfast was bagels and muffins. At least there was a nice fruit salad. Lunch was sandwiches (more processed carbs). Dinner was either beef or chicken-- no vegetarian option. Breaks with cookies, soda, and.... here is the real killer.... a candy bar. Big bowls of M&Ms, licorice, gummy everything. They even provided little bags so you could pack up your candy and endulge all afternoon (or for the next few days, if you really needed it!). So a handful of peanut M&Ms and more than a few gummy things later, I'm sitting at this meeting feeling awful. It wasn't just the guilt, but I was nauseous and inattentive and itchy. I drank a whole bunch of water and the feeling passed. Luckily I did not "crash" on the way down from this sugar buzz. So here is the lesson I learned. The better you feed your body, the less tolerant of crap food your body becomes. Once you become a finely tuned precision machine, you have to feed yourself premium. "Regular" just doesn't allow your body to function with efficiency and those bad choices lead to food hangovers. Long-term, engine damage requires a mechanic and the investment of large amounts of $$$$. I'd rather invest the time and money up front to buy and prepare high quality premium food.

Yesterday I switched back to premium. I had a multi-grain hot cereal for breakfast, fresh fruit and lentil salad for lunch and for dinner I made falafel burgers and spinach salad with yogurt-tahini dressing. I burned some calories on the arc trainer. I did a LBWO. Premium feels so much better than regular.

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