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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Reflective Energy

I had tons of energy in spin class yesterday. Bring on the hills! I kept adding on the resistance and taking it in the legs. I would look at my heart rate monitor and think, yeah, I still got plenty of room to kick azz! I was disappointed when the hour was up.
The spinning studio has one wall of windows and the bikes face the windows. On a winter evening, you can see your reflection in those windows while you are riding. Last night I got so much feedback and motivation from my reflection-- I'm sure that was one source of my energy. I even kept my glasses on to really keep the image sharp (often I take off my glasses because its easier to wipe away the sweat running into my eyes). I could see the cuts in my shoulders and arms and the trimmer lines around my waist and hips. I could see when my upper body was rocking a bit too much. I could see my cadence, not just feel it. I could also see that I was leaving the guy on the bike next to me in the dust (even thought we weren't going anywhere).
Now, I'm an eye doctor, and I understand the power of vision, but I never thought vision would take me up and over the hills with the power and energy that I had yesterday.
Hope it stays!

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